PMSC provide HSE Services to the Oil and Gas businesses
December 2006

PMSC has just won a new contract to provide HSE and Systems Assurance services to a major new FEED project in the Oil and Gas sector.

PMSC provide peer review service
December 2006

PMSC has just completed a RAMS peer review study for a new form of Personal rail transportation system.

PMSC working on London Underground
March 2006

PMSC has won a major new contract to provide RAMS/Systems Assurance advice on the reliability improvements for the London Underground Sub Surface lines and Bakerloo, Central and Victoria Lines. This work has involved support to Six Sigma Activities throughout the business.

PMSC working on HAZOPs
Feb 2006

PMSC has recently completed two major HAZOP programmes for clients working in the food processing industry and supplying chemical batch plant.

Visit to Middle East
May 2005

PMSC will present RAMS concepts and Independent Review requirements to the senior executive group of a major new rail undertaking in the Middle East.

Australian Rail Sector
April 2005

PMSC confirms its place as a world-wide provider of specialist RAMS advice to rail projects by winning a contract to provide International Benchmarking services to an Australian Rail Company.

Availability on Metro Systems
April 2005

PMSC has been given the opportunity to bid with a major consortium working on the delivery of a major new Metro System. Our input will be in the Availability modelling and Demonstration that customer targets have been met.

Canadian Nuclear Safety
March 2005

PMSC wins another major support contract with the Canadian Nuclear authorities to provide Safety Case and Hazards Assessment support to the licensing of a new build facility in Canada.

Safety in the Automotive Industry
January 2005

As part of our continuous diversification strategy PMSC has been successful in winning a contract to study the application of safety methods during design processes in the automotive industry. We hope to expand our involvement in the automotive industry by working on the safety analysis to support new design features to improve road safety.

RAMS Conference in Madrid, Spain
December 2004

PMSC has joined forces with a Spanish Communications company to offer RAMS services to the Spanish Rail and Defence Industries.

Independent Review of Nuclear Lifting Cranes
December 2004

PMSC has been awarded a repeat contract to look at the control and protection systems on a nuclear lifting crane and to evaluate them against Reliability and Modern Standards.

Aging in Probabilistic Safety Assessment models for Nuclear Power Stations
November 2004

PMSC has been awarded a research contract to assess how aging effects could be assessed in the context of Probabilistic Safety Assessments for Nuclear Power Stations.

Safety Audit of Japanese Shinkansen System
December 2000

PMSC conducts three week review of Shinkansen Facilities in Japan as a basis to understand the outstanding safety record.