Link-Up is an independent authority within the British railway industry. Registration with Link-Up is a vital step in ensuring a company's credibility in the UK rail sector and in assuring potential clients of a company's reliability, experience, quality and capability to do the job. Link-Up registration is now seen as an essential part of every British rail company's qualifications.

PM Safety Consultants are proud to be registered with Link-Up (ID no. 15339) in the product group categories of Safety Consultants, Risk Assessors, and Safety Engineers.

In Link-Up's own assessments for qualification, PMSC came well above the required level, achieving scores above the national average and taking maximum points in areas such as relevant professional and technical qualifications, health and safety, export experience and EU representation. There follows a brief outline of the Link-Up criteria for registration in our chosen product groups, which we not only met but exceeded.

592501 Safety Engineers

"Experienced specialist companies with the ability to provide appropriately qualified staff to undertake work related to the creation of task-specific specifications, standards, and work requiring specific expertise wholly with safety issues."

592502 Safety Consultants

"Experienced specialist companies with the ability to provide appropriately qualified staff to work at a strategic level in determining matters of safety related issues concerning in particular organisational objectives, structures, policies and management/product matters. Staff provided must have a good working knowledge of all relevant legislation and Railway Group standards and procedures."

Naturally we are very pleased about our excellent performance in Link-Up's own qualification index; why not contact us today and let your company benefit from our expertise?